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A cost-benefit analysis will reveal to you that you need an experienced professional to carry out your accounting function and provide you with prompt and accurate reports. This is one area that can profitably be outsourced. If you do not want to outsource the entire accounting function because of maybe confidentiality issues, sections like the Debtors/Creditors ledger, General Ledger and Trial Balance, Final Accounts etc are possibilities.

Copy Typing/Proof Reading

You may have a need to get your handwritten minutes of meetings/a thesis/a book etc that you are writing put into a typewritten form. Or even get a translation done from English to Sinhala or Sinhala to English. We can handle it for you accurately and in a timely manner. We can even handle any of your data entry requirements into any pre-defined format as per your requirements.
In addition, we can assist you with any type of back office activity from taking photocopies to laminating your documents.

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Project Proposals / Feasibility Studies

When you are starting out on a new project, however small or big, it is good practice to carry out a “Feasibility Study” and prepare a “Project Proposal”. This way you can have a written document that can assure you that your project is feasible and that will serve as a reference point as the project is being implemented. It will become easier to adjust your plans if unforeseen circumstances arise.


Study Accounts

Accounts for English Medium students

GCE Ordinary Level and GCE Advanced Level examinations

Edexcel/Cambridge examinations

Study English

English Language classes for school students from Year 5 upwards.

Spoken English for Adults and children.

If you are a IELTS student we can help you with your exam preparation too.

Study Mathematics

Mathematics is another core subject that is a pre requisite for whatever career you pursue after your school level studies.

At present we are able to guide young students (upto Year 8) with your Mathematics studies.

IELTS Preparation

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System.

A pre-defined band score at the IELTS is often required for migration purposes and for acceptance at major universities around the world. We can assist you to obtain your desired IELTS score.

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