Copy Typing and Proof Reading

Copy Typing

We can convert your PDFs, hand-written minutes of meetings and notes, manuscripts or legal documents into a type written format. This can be done as an editable document that can be changed according to your requirements.

Our services are fast, accurate and as you will see, well within your budget.

All you have do is to scan your document and email to us and depending on the size of the document we will get the final typed document back to you in a jiffy. If it is a document that cannot be emailed, we will arrange to pick it up from your office/home and deliver it back to you.

Have no fear. No typing job or project is beyond our capabilities. You can even give us your typing job as an English audio tape.

  • Books, manuals, and manuscripts
  • Speeches
  • Websites
  • Bank ledgers
  • Any type of contract
  • Handwritten letters and documents
  • Essays
  • Scripts
  • Newspaper articles
  • Job applications
  • Legal contracts
  • Handwritten survey forms

If you need your document on your letter heading paper, we can do that too.

Proof Reading

Proofreading means carefully checking for errors in a text before it is published or shared. It is the very last stage of the writing process, when you fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting issues and inconsistencies.

Proofreading is an essential step in making sure every piece of writing you create is in tip-top shape. It’s exactly what you need to prove your business is the top-of-the-line choice in your field.

Proof-reading is not limited to written documents. As you travel along the roads It is common to notice mis-spelled display boards that are even quite hilarious sometimes, outside shops.

We can attend to any proof-reading requirement for your documents etc.