English Language studies

The emergence of Modern English coincided with the invention of the printing press, which saw the mass production of books and newspapers and required a standardized language (i.e., an agreed-upon set of spelling, grammar, etc.), and with the spread and adoption of English worldwide due to British colonization.

This spread and use of the English Language world-wide has resulted in English being essential for communication world-wide. English in Sri Lanka is fluently spoken by approximately 23.8% of the population and widely used for official and commercial purposes.

Therefore, English being a universal language it is essential to be able to increase this percentage if Sri Lanka is going to effectively compete on the global platform whether it be for travel, study or trade purposes.

English as a subject is part of the school curriculum in all schools with a few  schools even having English medium classes for all subjects. However, where students are not exposed to a English speaking home environment there is an inevitable struggle to cope with its complex nature.

Therefore, we propose to support those students who intend to make a career progression beyond secondary school level.  However, as it is essential to start young, we plan to offer English language classes to all students at all levels.

All students who are registered with us will receive FREE support to answer their queries with their school English lessons for THREE MONTHS from the date of registration.

Are you a school student who would like or need support with your English Language classes? If you feel that you would welcome some help we are here and ready to help and guide you whether your requirement is for spoken or written English. We see often enough numerous display boards on the roads with woefully incorrect spellings and which are quite often hilarious too.  Now is the time while you are young and still in school to ensure that you are able to spell English words correctly.