What is a Feasibility Study?

A Feasibility study is the consideration of an activity to determine if it is viable both from a technical and financial perspective, before its implementation. Therefore, it follows that the project proponent must have the ability to source both the necessary technical and financial resources.

Once the technical feasibility is confirmed, we can get on to the financial feasibility and prepare the report.


What is a Project Proposal?

The Feasibility Study forms part of the Project Proposal.

Once it has been decided that a project is technically and financially viable a Project Proposal is prepared prior to its implementation.

The Project Proposal serves as a document with which it is possible to monitor the implementation plan of the project.

It is also an essential document if the project proponent requires to obtain financial support for the project.  One of the main documents the financial institution will ask for is the Project Proposal.

If you have a need to prepare a Project Report or Feasibility Study for a small scale business project, we can undertake it.