A cost-benefit analysis will reveal to you that you need an experienced professional to carry out your accounting function and provide you with prompt and accurate reports. This is one area that can profitably be outsourced. If you do not want to outsource the entire accounting function because of maybe confidentiality issues, sections like the Debtors/Creditors Ledger, General Ledger and Trial Balance, Final Accounts etc. are possibilities.

Copy Typing/Proof Reading

You may have a need to get your hand-written minutes of meetings/a thesis/a book you are writing etc typed out. Or even get a translation done from English to Sinhala or Sinhala to English. We can handle it for you accurately and in a timely manner.
We can even handle any of your data entry requirements into any pre-defined format as per your requirements.

Project Reports / Feasibility Studies

If you have a need to prepare a Project Report or Feasibility Study for a small scale business project, we can undertake it.